European Minerals Day

    Welcome European Minerals Day

    24-26 May 2013

    This initiative by the European minerals sector and related organisations gives the opportunity to the European-wide public to explore the world of minerals and discover more about an industry that affects every aspect of our lives.

    This biannual event welcomed more than 30,000 visitors in over 100 sites in 17 European countries during its first edition in 2007. The European Minerals Day 2009 engaged children and adults at more than 160 sites in 27 countries, and in 2011, more than 200 events took place at 180 sites in 21 European countries and 11 countries in the rest of the world.

    To its 4th edition in 2013, 113 sites organised more than 170 events in 20 European countries & 11 events in the rest of the world! 

    Minerals play an essential role in our lives with 70% of EU manufacturing production depending on mined substances. The construction, chemicals, automotive, aerospace and machinery sectors, which provide a total added value of € 1324 billion and 30 million jobs all depend on access to raw materials.

    This year, the European Commission has chosen the European Minerals Day as a key channel for promoting the European Innovation Partnership Initiative, creating synergies among all raw material stakeholders to illustrate the role of raw materials throughout the whole value chain with special focus on innovation and resource efficiency. In this regard we were honoured to welcome European Commission Vice-President Tajani to the Launch event at the Vipiteno mining operations in Italy.

    Biodiversity remains one of the recurring themes considering that quarries may host a variety of rare plant and animal species, and many companies are therefore proud to guide visitors through rehabilitated areas. This and many more activities aim at raising awareness of this sustainable sector. Entertaining side activities such as fossil hunting, animations for children, jeep safaris, workshops etc. make European Minerals Day an unforgettable experience for people of all ages.