Did you know?

  • Minerals are crucial for the development of modern, environmentally-friendly technologies (including water and gas treatment) and downstream products such as electric cars, photovoltaic solar cells and wind turbines
  • Minerals producers develop, often in close collaboration with downstream industries, innovative applications that prolong the lives of products by improving their functionalities, quality and energy efficiency

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Did you know?

  • Resource efficiency in the minerals sector encompasses all aspects of a product’s life cycle, from efficient extraction, processing through manufacturing, usage and end-of-life and recycling
  • The minerals sector is continuously seeking more resource efficient solutions in close collaboration with downstream industries
  • Minerals are essential ingredients in greener products and technologies
  • Up to 50% of minerals consumed in Europe are recycled along with the glass, paper, plastic, concrete,… that contain them

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Did you know?

• Mineral extraction and biodiversity are compatible
• Mines and quarries offer ideal habitats to many rare and endangered species
• European quarry operators follow sound principles of sustainable development
• Sites often work closely with nature conservationists and scientific bodies in rehabilitation activities
• Quarry operations offer win-win solutions for business & biodiversity
• Restored quarry sites often become part of the Natura 2000 network

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Did you know?

  • Europe counts about 30.000 active quarries, mines and plants, providing direct employment for around 500.000 people (up to one million including contractors)
  • Quarries and mines are often situated in remote locations, providing employment for the local community and contributing to regional economic development
  • Sites also develop community collaboration plans to foster activities such as school visits, create foundations to support local community projects or partner with local NGO’s to support the underprivileged

Did you know?

  • Safety is a number one priority in the extractive sector
  • The sector actively stimulates the reduction of workplace injuries through the exchange of best practices
  • Several industry-wide initiative have been launched to improve the sector’s health and safety performance

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