Discover the magic of minerals! — European Minerals Day

Discover the magic of minerals!

EMD Banner Discover the magic of minerals!  Quarries and mines are opening their doors to the general public all over Europe

From 25-27 September 2015, more than 130 sites in 25 countries all over Europe and beyond will be organising open days, welcoming tens of thousands of people to celebrate the 5th edition of the European Minerals Day. Activities are organised for young and old to familiarise all who are interested in the world of minerals and mineral extraction – and help make the link between the extraction or processing activities next door and the products we use every day. In addition, operators are proud to guide visitors through both active and rehabilitated areas, often home to rare plant and animal species. Find out about the open days taking place in your region on

Discover Minerals – Your world is made of them! A family house contains up to 150 tonnes of minerals – A car contains up to 250kg of minerals  – Up to 50% of paint and paper are made up of minerals – Ceramics and glass are 100% made out of minerals

The 2015 European Minerals Day will be officially launched on 25 September 2015 at the Cimalux cement operations in Rumelange, on the Luxembourg/French border. It will take place under the Luxembourg EU Presidency and will be attended by representatives from the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament. An exhibition is foreseen in the European Parliament, showing the mineral life cycle from extraction, processing, product applications, to recycling.

Discover the European Minerals Sector and their role in:

“Raw materials are the lifeblood of EU industry, with at least 30 million jobs in the EU and 70% of EU manufacturing production depending upon them”- European Commission  



The European Minerals Days are organised by the European minerals industry and related organisations, currently IMA-Europe, CEMBUREAU, EuroGeoSurveys, EuroGypsum, EuroMetaux, Euromines, EuSalt, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Mineral Technologies (ETP SMR) and IndustriAll.

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