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European Minerals Day 2015 Countdown

September 25, 2015 20 00 0

European Minerals Day 2015

September 25 @ 8:00 pm
September 27 @8:00 am

This initiative by the European minerals sector and related organisations gives the opportunity to the European-wide public to ...

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EMD 2013 School Lab engaging more than 700 scholars in science projects

On the occasion of the EMD 2013, S&B Athens decided to support SchoolLab, an innovative competition organised by SciCo and the British Council under the aegis of the Ministry of Education for the creation and exchange of scientific ideas among students, their professors, and researchers.

This year’s scientific subject was the Earth, with a focus on the world of minerals and technologies deriving from their use. 729 students from 73 schools in 50 Greek cities participated to the occasion. Students were required to pick a scientific subject and present it with a 3-5 minute video. Get a flavour of the competition from the video of the award ceremony.

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